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Sep 14, 2011 9:00am EDT
. >> that's a plant the president had spoken at in previous months before romney was there, in michigan. then you have the things with driving the bus, it was actually made in canada, and it raises one question, before we move to the jobs plan, and that is does the white house not get it in the way they're presenting him and why would they step into these pits without it being necessary? >> no matter what he does, they're going to do minute things that don't show the picture. mitt romney is a fine one to talk about job creation. again, what's his plan other than broad generalities and what's his record? he doesn't talk about his record of jobs in massachusetts when he's on the campaign trail as rick perry does, for example. martha: you both raised the point about the jobs plan and what i find really interesting is the difficulty that it's turning out, that the president may have from democrats on this jobs plan, you've got jim webb, mary landrieu, tom carper, all democrats, all complaining about what's in this jobs bill, and when you couple that with the new york nine, it looks like som
FOX News
Sep 16, 2011 6:00am PDT
, already. martha: and sadly you have georgia, wisconsin, utah, and michigan. all ticked higher in their state unemployment rate last month, illinois rose sharply to 10% unemployment and gerri willis, host of "the willis report" on the fox business network. state by state, the story of so many individuals and lives. >> and to see the numbers tick higher after an august that was abysmal by any standards, zero jobs created. in the month of august, it is shocking, you mentioned nevada is a real problem there, continues to be housing and the number of homes, foreclosed on, in august, alone, some 57,000 homes, think about that. just in nevada. a dismal situation, for them there, you mentioned georgia, wisconsin and illinois is one state where jobs, the jobless rate is spiking sharply to 9.9 and even if you look at the states where jobless numbers are going down, rates are not reassuring, rhode island, 10.6%, new jersey down to 9.4%, tennessee down to 9.7% and if the devil is in details, the details are not reassuring. martha: what do we think this is largest reason for this, right now,
FOX News
Sep 2, 2011 6:00am PDT
not forget about these american soldiers returning home from wars overseas. this from michigan: >> what's it like right now, just to finally have him in your arms? >> it's amazing, it's awesome. you know, being over there, i just tried not to think about it, because i had a mission to do, so actually being home now, being home, you know, kind of hard to describe. so i'm just really happy. bill: that's the picture of the day, isn't it? look at that. national guard troops in michigan just finishing a seven-month deployment in the war. martha: all right. this is not so great. we've got those bad jobs numbers that came in from august, zero jobs added in the month of august, and add one group in america, black americans, struggling to find work is really a standout in terms of the bad situation here. mike tobin is live on that for us in chicago. hi mike. >> reporter: hi martha. you mentioned the zero job growth and national unemployment figure, but they only get worse among african-americans. if you look at the number of black americans unemployed, that figure is about 17 percent, t
FOX News
Sep 5, 2011 6:00am PDT
now, heather. heather: michigan has been particularly hit hard. what is the jobs situation there? >> reporter: very much so. now, the president is coming to gm headquarters to -- he thinks he has a good story to tell and the auto bailout saved thousands of jobs but look at the unemployment rate in august of '09 it was 14.1%. far worse than the national average and now it is 10.9%, and, still worse than the national average of 9.1, but came down a few points and it is emblematic the case the president will try and make today and thursday, that the recovery is slowly helping people, but, again, slowly, not moving quick enough and that is why he'll have the call to action to pass more job creating initiatives. heather: a call to action with good music, aretha franklin! warming up there in the back ground! amongst other acts. definitely sounds like a lot of fun. thank you. >> reporter: no doubt about it. thanks. heather: three hours away from the president's remarks, in detroit, 1:15 eastern time he's expected to take the mic around that time. keep it here on fox news. we will bring
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Sep 27, 2011 6:00am PDT
want to do that. we've seen those things here in michigan. we've seen it around the country, but it is about prioritizing and making sure we're not spending more than what we're taking in and it is progress. martha: i hear you. you said funding for solyndra or green jobs or company for solyndra itself which is now in bankruptcy? >> problems like. martha: problems like that. >> like solyndra had. and everybody is tired of hearing about the $16 muffins out of the department of justice. you know, for their, for their conferences and those kinds of things. and the bottom line is, martha, it is about responsibility and transparency and accountability for this government. and it simply isn't there. martha: what kind of concessions in spending were made? >> well, for what we were doing in the house? martha: yes. >> okay. well, first of all we looked at the program and first and foremost i don't think it was enough. it was a partial paid-for, not a full paid-for. one of the areas they were taking that money out of was a program that many argue benefited the detroit three, having to do with
FOX News
Sep 26, 2011 6:00am PDT
, because that's when you have to file for the michigan primary. but i just see this as the froth that's been going on for the last five or seven weeks, i don't think that there's been an uptick in the speculation or uptick in his thinking. item not privy to it but it doesn't seem to be that he's worried about the ups and downs of the primary sickel. bill ill he has three weeks to make a call. yes or no, is he in or out? >> you know what, i think it's a very close call. he's been saying pretty persistently no, yet on the other hand, he's been under consistent pressure to do so. i think it's going to be a very close call and look, he's going to go out and give a speech on the 29th at the reagan library, he's on a fundraising tour around the country, at least three states, stoping in to raise money for the new jersey length slattive elections this fall and i think we'll get a good sense on the 29th. bill: her man cain, why did he win in florida? >> it's an interesting concept, because first of all, i'm not certain about the predictive value of these straw polls, having spent a lot of money
FOX News
Sep 22, 2011 9:00am EDT
swing states in 2012. nevada and flashes but also michigan and north carolina. how do you see it? >> those are it. you took the words right out of my mouth, bill. those four states have higher than expected unemployment rates, it's higher than the national average. obviously the republican nominee will make that issue one in campaigning in each of those states. you know, we have too much focus on the national number, bill. the national number is interesting, but we have a state-by-state system of electing the president. what really matters to people is the unemployment rate in their state, and in those four states that is going to be the big issue for the republican nominee. bill: i want you to explain that in greater depth here. you write in your website here, national unemployment rate alone is not a good indicator of results. a lot of people look to this number and try to make predictions, but you say that is not important? >> it's important, people pay attention to it, but what really matters to them is what they are seeing in their state, in their localities, among their fri
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)